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Heart of Mirage (UK)

(French version)

Hum… Thinking about it… its true!   (said Paul)

Excuse-me?  (answered Karl)

Sorry,  I was thinking about Dassault aircraft’s… 

… and???

So sorry Karl,  I was thinking about a book I was reading last night. It talks about the story of Dassault jet aircraft’s, especially the Rafale.  

Well, to be honest, I am not that big fan of the Rafale. I do prefer the old style delta fighters such as the Mirage III

Ah ah… Did you know, that Mirage and Rafale share the same DNA code?  


I am not kidding ! The book says something like « under the skin of the Rafale, beats the heart of a Mirage »  

A Rafale… heart of Mirage… It’s a nice concept!

It is more than a concept, it exists… I saw it on Planete sletch 

The Rafale « Heart of Mirage »